New Moon Magic Planner

Brandi Amara Skyy

Limited Edition (only 500) new moon planner and astro-guide!

Every month, we have a fresh opportunity to plant our ideas, goals, and intentions in the fertile ground of the new moon. And with each new moon comes the opportunity to infuse and aid our intentions with the energy of the sign where the new moon sits. 

This book was created to help guide you and your new moon rituals through the shifting energies of la luna as she makes her annual trek through the zodiac. Beginning on December 29, 2016 12:53am CST (Dec. 28 10:53pm PST) with the new moon in Capricorn, each month opens with an energetic overview of the sign the moon is in, space for you to write out your new moon intentions, and a list of aligned actions to infuse your daily life with moon magic. 

But this printable PDF is more than just your new moon ritual companion; it is also your partner in crime in helping you take action and plan your dreams. Each month comes with a monthly layout with space to plan your next steps and weekly layouts to list your to-dos, gratitude, and manifestation reflections.

Each month closes with guided reflection questions as well as space to record what manifested for you during the month. 

i've been using a version of this planner for years (think less fancy and organized) and it has completely changed my life. i know it will do the same for yours!

New Moon Magic is a divine way to support your dreams and align your actions with the cosmic energy of the universe and the mystical energies of the moon.

225+ page PDF Planner includes:

  • 2017 intention setting magic (the same yearly tool i use) 
  • Monthly lunar calendar layouts
  • Weekly layouts
  • Monthly moon + sign interpretations including mantras, keywords, aligned actions
  • Space for weekly gratitude
  • Mucho space for your intention setting
  • Guided monthly reflection questions

Perfect as a stand-alone planner or to use in tandem with your favorite planner! 

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New Moon Magic Planner